Users who have been involved with cryptocurrency for a while are probably familiar with the concept of following the whales’ wallets. For those of you who don’t know, this is when people observe the contract accounts of the ultra-wealthy individuals on block explorers like Bscscan or Etherscan, following their traces to see the tokens that they are purchasing, the protocols they are interacting with. With this feature, people can make their own investment decisions based on the whales’ moves. This is like being able to peek inside Elon Musk or Bill Gates’ bank accounts and investment portfolios in the CeFi…

Today, we are thrilled to introduce to the world to Haze Finance’s native token, HAZE, a BEP-20 Token. We have received quite a lot of inquiries regarding whether or not we will have a seed round or a private sale. After thoughtful considerations, the team has decided not to raise capitals through token sale because we want a fair launch and fair chance for all. Haze Finance is a small cap protocol founded by a group of friends who were brought together by our passion for cryptocurrency and DeFi. This is our way of giving back to the community. …


Hello Haze community, let the drum roll begin! Today we are here to introduce to the DeFi ecosystem, for the first time ever, a brand new mining system: Frequency Mining, a new term coined by the Haze Finance team.

But before we talk about Frequency Mining, there are a few important changes that we’d like to address first. Even after the publication of Haze tokenomics article, the team did not stop thinking if there is an even fairer way of launching. Just earlier today, we indeed have come up with an EVEN FAIRER TOKEN DISTRIBUTION for Haze Finance users. In…

In Haze Finance 1.0, the team introduced the concept of Frequency Mining to DeFi and got feedbacks that way exceeded our expectations — Haze Finance accumulated over 550 million BUSD of total transactions volume in 2 weeks time and have distributed nearly 2 million worth of protocol fees to the HAZE tokens stakers. However, even though Frequency Mining is the first of its kind and gives users with small funds a chance to earn great profits, it still has its flaws — the cost and reward ratio is set and predetermined. This is the uniqueness and also a double edge…

Hi Haze Community, as of 4/4/21, we have automated the treasury buybacks + LP and made the staking rewards distribution process permissionless. From now on, Haze Finance is officially a DAO.

The team has introduced this really cool way of permissionless reward distribution that allows anyone to distribute staking rewards for the Haze Finance community.

Here is a step by step tutorial:

  1. When you are in the Haze Finance Github, click the “haze-contracts” option

2. You will see the “Token Distributor v2” address, copy it : 0x8e2c3b4b62C745D42368a21b824B28e1288d1f6b

Hi Haze Community! We are please to announce that we will be hosting our first ever frequency mining competition!!!You do not want to miss out on this! Below are the details:

  • Start Date and Time: Saturday March 27th, 2021, 8pm EST
  • End Date and Time: Sunday March 28th, 2021, 8pm EST
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Reward: 5000 HAZE (~$30000 USD) for 1 winner
  • Venue:

What is Frequency Mining competition about?

Haze Finance is the first project to introduce the concept of Frequency Mining(and coined the term too) to DeFi. In Frequency Mining, users can repeatedly deposit, withdraw and redeposit using the same funds, with no time…

Today, we are extremely excited to announce that Haze Finance governance is now live! From this point onward, all changes in Haze Finance will be proposed and decided by the community members of HAZE tokens holders, and this officially marks the beginning of the fully-decentralization of Haze Finance.

What can DAO members do?

Everything. Passed proposals are not suggestions to consider but rather actions that have to be taken. DAO members can submit proposals of any kind that they think will benefit Haze Finance and Haze community as a whole.

Here are some possible examples:

  • Stop the minting of HAZE…


Hi Haze Community, we have a major update that we’d like to share with you all. Following the change of our HAZE tokens reward emission rate for Frequency Mining, we will also migrate into Haze Finance treasury v2 (also known as staking reward v2).

As many of you already know, Haze Finance has accumulated over 1.8 million of staking rewards, sitting there, waiting to be distributed to HAZE tokens stakers. HOWEVER, the team has never been able to distribute all of these rewards out to stakers in big chunks because that will affect the liquidity of HAZE tokens…

As Haze Finance team prides itself for listening to the communities’ feedbacks, this time we have made a huge change on our tokenomics as we were given great suggestions from our community members.

The current Haze Finance Frequency Mining reward system has a preset standard of reward, for every 1K deposit, users get 1.5 HAZE; 10K for 6.75 HAZE and 100K for 60 HAZE. Well…this will change soon! We would like to decrease the token reward emission rate for Frequency Mining in order to give early users incentives/advantages to be in Frequency Mining as more community members discover our project.This…

*Article translation credit to @GNT60014(Twitter)*


Xin chào Cộng đồng Haze, chúng ta hãy bắt đầu nào! Hôm nay, chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu đến Hệ sinh thái DeFi, lần đầu tiên, một hệ thống mining mới: Frequency Mining, một thuật ngữ mới được định nghĩa bởi Haze Finance.

Nhưng trước khi nói về Frequency Mining, có một số thay đổi quan trọng mà chúng tôi muốn đề cập tới. Ngay cả sau khi bài viết về tokenomics của Haze được xuất bản, nhóm nghiên cứu vẫn không ngừng suy nghĩ về một cách phân phối công bằng hơn. Mới hôm…

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