Haze Finance Tokenomics: Staking, Liquidity Mining, Profit Sharing And More.

Haze Finance
3 min readFeb 20, 2021

Today, we are thrilled to introduce to the world to Haze Finance’s native token, HAZE, a BEP-20 Token. We have received quite a lot of inquiries regarding whether or not we will have a seed round or a private sale. After thoughtful considerations, the team has decided not to raise capitals through token sale because we want a fair launch and fair chance for all. Haze Finance is a small cap protocol founded by a group of friends who were brought together by our passion for cryptocurrency and DeFi. This is our way of giving back to the community. We hope that you like Haze Finance as much as we do (If you haven’t already, please read our intro to Haze Finance article here) .

With all that being said, below is the detailed information of HAZE tokens:

Token Name: HAZE

Symbol: HAZE

Type: BEP-20

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 1 million . LP mining reward tokens emitted in 4 years. The token emission follows a geometric sequence with 20% reduction every month.

Token Distribution:

60% to Frequency Mining (deposit rewards)

20% to LP Mining

10% to Team

10% to Marketing (locked in treasury)

Why Haze Token?

  • Frequency Mining (deposit rewards): Users can deposit any tokens from the private transactions tokens list , we will start BUSD first and add in other tokens as we progress, to contribute to the anonymity set, and in return, the users will receive HAZE tokens as reward.
  • LP Mining: Users can contribute to the liquidity pool of HAZE/BNB in PancakeSwap and stake their LP tokens in Haze Finance’s platform and receive HAZE tokens as reward.
  • Profit Sharing: Haze Finance charges 0.5% of the deposit amount as protocol fees when users withdraw funds from the protocol. HAZE token stakers will receive 40% of the profit earned by the protocol.Users can stake their HAZE tokens for sHAZE in our platform and the protocol fees collected will be use to market buy HAZE tokens then the HAZE tokens will be distributed proportionally across all sHAZE holders. Users can then burn their sHAZE tokens if they want to unstake, and they will receive their HAZE tokens back along with the fees earned. The other 30% of the profit goes to the team and the remaining 30% will be locked in treasury, which the governance gets to vote on and decide the use of this portion of the profit. Haze Finance’s profit allocation can be change in the future based on the governance’s voting, for example, if the community decides that Haze Finance no longer needs the team to run it, they can vote on a proposal to take away the team’s 30% profit share.
  • Governance: HAZE token is also a governance token that allows the holders to vote on the decisions and directions of the protocol.
  • Future: We have plans to launch on Ethereum and other blockchain ecosystems. Buying and holding HAZE tokens is buying into a part of this optimistic future.



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