Haze Finance Treasury v2 (Staking v2) Is Now LIVE


Hi Haze Community, we have a major update that we’d like to share with you all. Following the change of our HAZE tokens reward emission rate for Frequency Mining, we will also migrate into Haze Finance treasury v2 (also known as staking reward v2).

As many of you already know, Haze Finance has accumulated over 1.8 million of staking rewards, sitting there, waiting to be distributed to HAZE tokens stakers. HOWEVER, the team has never been able to distribute all of these rewards out to stakers in big chunks because that will affect the liquidity of HAZE tokens way too much (we use BUSD collected from protocol fees to market buy HAZE tokens and distribute among sHAZE holders). Yes, the biggest problem that Haze Finance has right now is that we have too much cash in hand! But we have found a solution for this!

And that’s not it, the treasury v2 will also optimize its usage for the benefits of all HAZE tokens holders by using its funds to buy back more HAZE tokens from the market. It will become the most important feature in the DAO that Haze Finance will soon become.

Here are the details:

  • In HAZE treasury v2, we take 50% of the funds in the treasury and put that in HAZE-BNB liquidity pool

Why is this better?

  • The goal of this update is to make the treasury the BIGGEST HAZE TOKENS HOLDER. Treasury is the reserved funds for Haze Finance and DAO members can vote on proposals to decide the use of funds in treasury.

Where to see the metrics:

We have updated the home page of Haze Finance. Now users will be able to see the allocation and distribution of treasury funds under the “DAO Treasury” section at the bottom of the Haze Finance home page

Haze Finance Governance will soon go live. I will publish a separate article on this, stay tuned!



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