Tutorial On How To Distribute Rewards For The Haze Finance Community

Hi Haze Community, as of 4/4/21, we have automated the treasury buybacks + LP and made the staking rewards distribution process permissionless. From now on, Haze Finance is officially a DAO.

The team has introduced this really cool way of permissionless reward distribution that allows anyone to distribute staking rewards for the Haze Finance community.

Here is a step by step tutorial:

  1. When you are in the Haze Finance Github, click the “haze-contracts” option

2. You will see the “Token Distributor v2” address, copy it : 0x8e2c3b4b62C745D42368a21b824B28e1288d1f6b

3. Paste and search the address in BSCScan

4. Click the “contract” option and click “write contract”

5. Connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking “Connect to Web3” and then click the “MetaMask” option.

6. Copy and paste BUSD token address:


in the black space beneath “1. distributeToken” and click “write”. Rewards will then be distributed among all sHAZE holders!


  1. What if someone messed this up? What will happen to our funds?

A: If done incorrectly, the transaction will be reverted, nothing will happen to the funds, funds are safe.

2. Can people do anything to manipulate the distribution process and claim all the rewards to their own accounts?

A: No. Funds can only be distributed among sHAZE holders.

Thank you all for reading!



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